Money Myths and Misconceptions (Part 3)


  1.  Money: The Root of All Evil?

  2. ‘If Only I Had Access to More Money…’

  3.  ‘If Only I Had a Better Job…’

I grew up with the mindset that money or wealth can be obtained through some particular professions – Medical, Law, Aviation, Engineering etc. (You too? :D)

My uncle suggested that I studied computer science in the university. His reason? “We are in the information age.” My father had a different opinion. He believed I would do better in the medical sciences based on my academic track record. However, I wanted neither! It took me years to discover who or what I wanted to be. I wanted to be free!

Just like you (I believe),

I wanted absolute control over my time and all the resources to do whatever I chose.

As I progressed in life’s journey, I began to discover some timeless universal principles of wealth generation – principles not taught in schools; principles found within the pages of books written by truly successful and rich, principles stumbled upon via personal experience.

Every successful person understands that wealth is measured in time not in money . Wealth is not a function of the size of your income or paycheck. It is the number of days you can survive without working and still maintain your standard of living. Wealth is not measured by the amount of things we possess, rather, by the richness of the joy, love and happiness we share with others. The big question is

How much would you be worth if you lost all your money?

If you spend all your years climbing the corporate ladder, have you ever paused for a moment to consider the rear view? Yes! The rear view of the person ahead of you on the ladder. Is that how you want to end up? What happens in the event of any of the 3 inevitable R’s –




Will your income keep flowing?

Robert Kiyosaki, said

“We all learn to work for money, but it is the few who learn how to make money work for them that achieve financial freedom.”

The nature of your job is not what determines how wealthy you become! The state of your mind does! Let us stop confusing income with wealth!


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