Money Myths and Misconceptions (Part 2)


  1.  Money: The Root of All Evil?

  2. ‘If Only I Had Access to More Money…’

‘If I could just win the lottery…’

‘If someone would just give me or lend me …’

‘If I could just stumble upon a stash or a bag of…’

I have found myself thinking these and similar thoughts several times over  until I discovered that money does not make a man rich.

Oh! You think money begets money? Try giving a poor mind a million naira or $6,000; check him out after a period of 12 months. What do you think his financial state would look like? Your guess is as good as mine.🙂 A fool and his money are soon parted.

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders know that abundance of resources or possession of start-up capital has never been a guarantee for success in any venture. They know that it takes priceless invaluable virtues to build a successful venture – life, career, business.

Take a look around you. Those who are truly successful or wealthy and have maintained this economic state or profile for an appreciable period of time, did not necessarily have access to huge capital when they started out. Many of the financial heroes we see today started from subzero!

You do not empower the poor by filling his purse with currency but by feeding his mind with current and relevant financial information. 

The truth is that you are either a slave of money or a master of it. Slaves work for money while masters have learnt how to make money work for them. Money will never be enough until you learn how to be its master.

Tools don’t make pros. Skills do! More soccer boots won’t make you a Lionel Messi. More golf clubs cannot make you a Tiger Woods. More dollars in your bank account will never make you a Bill Gates. More money doesn’t make rich. Money skills do!

 “Money won’t make you rich, because a man who is poor in spirit is poor altogether, even when he has a lot of money in his pocket.”

~ Sunday Adelaja




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