Yes times are hard and tough,

The road – pretty bad and rough;

The future is bleak, knees weak

Hope dims, strength wanes.

Don’t you dare give up –

No matter what;

Don’t you ever give in,

this too shall pass.

The pain will soon be gone

Don’t be crestfallen,

Never lose sight of your dreams

Don’t let go of your faith

This is not your last,

It’s only a test.


Life is about time, seasons and transitions

Life is in phases, you are in transition!

Storms don’t last always,

The troubles will soon pass away.

•Quit struggling with the wind

Spread out your wings

It ain’t yet time to die

It’s time to soar and glide.


Look up! And be strong!

Your best is yet to come

Weeping may endure for a night,

Cheer up! Your joy will show up by daylight!

The set back is a set up for your come back.

You are not a victim but a victor!

A miracle in motion,

A leader in the making

A masterpiece in progress –




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